Here you will find all of the books featured in the
S.M. Smith Co. website. You will also find them on their
corresponding pages. To make the books easier
to purchase, we have made each book a direct link to Click & enjoy!!


Crystal Healing:
Katrina Raphaell

Crystal Enlightenment - The Transforming Properties of Crystals and Healing Stones:
Katrina Raphaell

Crystal Enlightenment...Katrina Raphaell

Crystalline Transmission:
A Synthesis Of Light

Katrina Raphaell

Edgar Cayce on The Power of Color, Stones & Crystals:
Edgar Cayce

Edgar Cayce - On the Power of Color, Stones & Crystals


America's Neighborhood Bats:
Merlin D. Tuttle

America's Neighborhood Bats - Merlin D.  Tuttle

Bats In Question - The Smithsonian Answer Book:
Don E. Wilson
Merlin D. Tuttle (photos)

Bats In Question - Don E.  Wilson


American Miner's Carbide Lamps:
Gregg Clemmer

The Miner's Flamelight Book - Henry Pohs

The Miner's Flame Light Book - The Story of Man's Development of Underground Light:
Henry A. Pohs

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