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Spiral Castle
Spiral Castle


Spiral Castle stands approx. 5 1/2" tall and has two crystal points and one facet cut crystal ball. The perfect touch for your collection.

$66.70 + shipping

Prism Palace
Prism Palace




Laser wiz is 3". A holographic sticker gives a 3D look to his robe, his sleeves are jeweled and he holds two crystal pyramids.

$38.00 + shipping

Laser WizardLazer Wizard


Standing 3 1/4" tall, Unicorn's Springtime shows a mare & her foal adorned with colored jewels.

$36.80 + shipping

Unicorn's Springtime Unicorn's Springtime


Blackbeard's Treasure
Blackbeard's Treasure


Blackbeard's Treasure stands at 2 1/4" and has very intricate detail. Pyrite, a sword, a skull and a green lizard add to the beauty of this piece.

$26.45 + shipping

Neptune's TreasureNeptune's Treasure


At 2" in height, Neptune's treasure is 'guarded' by a mermaid and is accented with a sword, pyrite and colored jewels.

$9.20 + shipping



Prism Palace has a height of 4 3/4" and is more than words can say. It has 3 crystal points, 2 facet cut crystal balls and many colorful jewel accents.

$75.90 + shipping

Prism Palace
Prism Palace


This cobra comes with a 50mm sphere, stands at about 5 1/4" in height, and comes with red jewel eyes.

$80.00 + shipping

Cobra w/Crystal BallCobra w/Crystal Ball


Liberty DragonLiberty Dragon


Liberty Dragon has a total height of 3" and is crafted with exquisite detail. He holds a facet cut crystal ball, has red eyes and jewel accents.

$39.25 + shipping



This business card holder is 3"
wide and stands 2 1/2" tall. It is decorated with colorful jewels and a facet-cut crystal ball. The perfect touch for any business.

$20.00 + shipping

Business Card Holder
Business Card Holder


Treasure ChestSmall Treasure Chest


This small treasure chest measures 1 1/2"L & 1 3/4" H.

$12.00 + shipping


Jumbo treasure chest measures 2"L, 2"W, and 2"H.

$24.00 + shipping

Jumbo ChestJumbo Chest



Wolf Call stands a little over 2" tall and is about 2" long. Perfect for wolf collectors.

$14.00 + shipping

Wolf Call


Fairy Cocoon stands 3 1/2" tall, is decorated with jewels and comes with a rose quartz sphere.

$25.50 + shipping

Fairy Cocoon

Chief Riding A ChiefChief Riding A Chief


Chief Riding A Chief stands 3" high and is 2 1/2" long. Crafted with excellent detail.

$40.00 + shipping


This 1968 Harley Full Dresser is 3 1/4" long and stands 2 3/4" high.

**Licensed Product**
$37.00 + shipping

1968 Harley Full DresserHarley Full Dresser

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